Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective needed our help to find a place for their sustainability efforts, in the face of the wider fashion industry’s hidden environmental impact.

Through workshops and research, we showed them how and why sustainability plays a critical role at the heart of their business.

A collaboration which also created new tools, processes and ideas to land that positive message with the world.

Vestiaire Collective are one of the world’s leading fashion resale companies: the opposite of fast fashion. But they sit within an industry which is one of the biggest polluters worldwide: fashion releases more carbon than shipping and air travel combined.

They came to us for help with making their sustainability proposition relevant in the face of these wider industry shortcomings, and to refine how they speak about their positive impact, whether to themselves or others.

We collaborated with Vestiaire in Paris, helping them craft a positive impact message which is relevant and compelling for their internal and external audiences.

We started with research: understanding their world, their challenges and opportunities and what they’re doing about them. Then we moved onto ideas: inspiration, guidance and processes to help them communicate their positive impact, including a five minute ‘elevator pitch’.

Our key focus was getting people onboard with these complex new ideas quickly, centring on the idea of doing less, but doing it better.

Vestiaire now have a distinct, credible and relevant approach to tackling structural issues within the fashion industry – do less, but better. They know how to talk about what they’re doing, use those examples out in the world, and roll out new actions under a single coherent banner.