Why pick a specialist social impact consultancy?

Published in February 2020, the AA’s most recent Advertising Pays 8 (AP8) Study has shown that 53% of adults say they would think more highly of any for-profit company that tries to make a positive impact on society.  

However, as a brand, applying the practice of ‘social impact’ to your brand and marketing strategies is a tricky process. 

More often than not, we see in-house marketing teams across all sectors constantly improving their purpose and potential in a way that truly empowers their customers to make a change for good. 

And this takes time and expertise to put into proper effect – and partnering with a dedicated team and agency in the social impact space (like us, hello there!) can be just the thing to kickstart your progress to making purpose priority. 

We delve into the benefits of partnering with such a specialist agency, and how social impact can rejuvenate the ways you’re planning your brand and marketing strategies: 

Bring your mission and purpose to the fore

Your mission is your lifeline – and your partner should be aligned with you on this to execute a dedicated, impactful strategy. 

But we’ve also found value in not ripping up the rule book – taking a look at your current strategies, and understanding how your purpose can boost your existing KPIs, business and comms objectives is a worthwhile exercise. 

Yet the truly specialist approach that a social impact agency can offer is in the act of unearthing your Social Advantage as a brand. While it’s easy to focus purely on product and ROI, this kind of partnership is a clear indicator you’re investing in an alignment and dedication towards communicating your mission and purpose. 

Creating more bespoke budgets to your needs

Everyone’s favourite question is: “how much is this going to cost?” – but when picking a more specialist agency as a partner to your marketing visions, conversations around budgets become much more transparent.

This is a great opportunity to plan strategically – instead of treating your external partner as a resource for one off campaigns, consider sitting down with them and provide oversight on your yearly budgets to see where resources can be allocated cleverly. 

Understanding the levels at which you’re able to spend, and how bigger campaigns can intertwine with your BAU digital activity is a more impactful conversation to have. A social impact agency who can identify opportunities to make your budgets work harder will serve you more efficiently in the long-term, especially as budgets are still a delicate conversation to be having in the lasting aftermath of covid-19.

Encouraging a new, collaborative approach 

And while it may be tempting to give your standard agency a budget and a project to run off with, as a specialist consultancy we’re able to implement a leaner way of working. Specialist agencies encourage expertise at all levels – we’re more of a hybrid choice. 

The act of taking on an external partner can sometimes leave internal stakeholders sidelined, but we see it as a boost to resources, not a drawback. 

It’s all about thinking how we can bring you the best value and services most aligned with the great talent you’ve already attracted, and providing an external perspective that can influence how we collaborate and build on your objectives. 

Harnessing the power of a disruptor

Choosing a newer social impact agency doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, or imply you’re ‘settling’ for a ‘cheaper’ option. 

We value our unique proposition as a way to disrupt the ways agencies have worked with in-house marketing teams. You’re enlisting the help of a dedicated team who is quick, passionate, and able to be more on-the-ground than traditional agencies can be. 

As a brand signing on with a smaller agency, you’re going to be treated like a big fish in a (by no means) small pond, instead of being sold to tirelessly. 


While all these tips and tricks are useful, we know how tricky it can be to make the jump. Here’s some recommended reading on how to be more invested in social impact – 

If you’d like to chat more about how to leverage your Social Advantage, or even to ask how those in the know have built a more impactful social strategy, you can email lauren@foxandhare.co to come and have a coffee! 

Download our PSI report on how brands are now catering to the more conscious consumer here.

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