Big Issue Group (Consultancy)

Big Issue Group wanted to change public perceptions of their work, and communicate to the world that they’re more than a magazine.

We led workshops and undertook research on their impact across multiple areas – from e-bikes to investments – all under the umbrella of ‘changing lives through enterprise.’

The result? More informed people, more willing to purchase, subscribe, invest in, and engage with Big Issue Group.

The Big Issue is more than just a magazine. More than a homelessness charity, even. From e-bikes to investments, Big Issue Group is a social enterprise committed to changing lives across a range of different sectors and contexts.

But the public don’t see all of that. There’s a mismatch between Big Issue Group’s real-world activity, and the way they’re perceived – and a risk of that work going unseen or slipping into irrelevance.

That’s where we come in: developing an integrated communications strategy which showcases the impact of Big Issue Group’s work, changing perceptions and driving purchases, subscriptions, investment and engagement.

We got our hands dirty with Big Issue Group’s data – mapping their activity, reviewing evidence of their impact, auditing their customer journeys and touchpoints, and digging into their audiences and channels.

Then we delivered a strategic roadmap for their communication and storytelling, from content pillars and key messages to content recommendations and briefs.