Buzzbike’s mission to get Londoners cycling needed input and funding from brands to get moving.

We created a digital strategy and content-led #BikesForGood campaign to drive B2B engagement

Reaching thousands of brands, generating leads and helping Buzzbike establish themselves.

Buzzbike came to us for help with generating B2B partnerships, and spreading the word about their mission to get more Londoners cycling: helping them become healthier, financially better off and more conscious of their environmental impact in the process.

We worked with Buzzbike to create a digital B2B strategy and content-led #BikesForGood campaign with longform articles, social media and paid distribution targeting senior decision-makers at potential brand partners.

Our campaign reached 4,000 businesses within Greater London, generated conversations with brands including HSBC, Twitter and PayPal, and helped Buzzbike provide 2,000 free-to-use bikes across London, equivalent to 725,000 fewer TfL journeys and saving 545 tonnes of CO2.