One ID (Research)

OneID were experiencing customer distrust and drop-outs, and needed to understand why.

We ran in-depth focus groups to identify the problems, and delivered detailed strategies to solve them, as well as shaping OneID’s product language.

Our recommendations helped OneID better position themselves as a credible and trustworthy partner, with a frictionless user journey.

OneID came to us with a challenge: find out why their customers either weren’t beginning the sign-up process for their digital identification product, or dropping out halfway through.

We sat down with a focus group of existing and potential OneID customers, and talked through their experience of using the platform – what they liked, what they struggled with, and what was keeping them from connecting more fully with it.

Our research helped OneID properly get to grips their own product pathway, along with our suggestions on how to keep customers engaged and involved.

Our research and recommendations helped OneID reposition themselves as a credible, trustworthy and seamless identity solution, reconnecting them with potential customers.