Pepper Money (Consultancy)

Pepper Money needed sustainability consultancy to help reflect their specialist role in the market, and set them apart from the competition

We helped them identify the issues that mattered most, developed positive impact partnerships and produced all of their internal and external communications.

Giving them the confidence to embed sustainability at the heart of their business.

Getting on the property ladder with a less than perfect credit history can be a real struggle, but specialist mortgage lender Pepper Money treat people as people, not numbers – and have helped thousands who would have otherwise been left behind.

As a specialist lender, Pepper needed to develop a unique position in their competitive category, whilst continuing to address the growing need for sustainability + ESG initiatives from investors, intermediaries and customers.

We helped them bring these ideas to life by running multi-stakeholder workshops, building their business case for ethical and sustainable working, helping them develop positive impact relationships with third-party organisations, and communicating all of this across BAU, social and digital channels, covering everything from photography to reporting.

The result? We gave Pepper a platform to talk confidently about their sustainability credentials, the framework and tools to build their ESG strategy internally, and a way to stand out from the competition.

This includes their groundbreaking ESG grant scheme, giving each Pepper employee £300 to donate to a charity of their choice, embedding positive change at the hear of their business.