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Becoming a B Corp will Boost our Impact

Becoming a B Corp will Boost our Impact

With great influence comes great responsibility.

For too long, companies have been focussing on minimising their negative impact rather than making a real difference. This has lead to piecemeal progress - but in today’s world companies have a much more significant influence, and low hanging fruit is no longer enough. The world desperately needs positive change and impactful solutions, and the recent Edelman Trust Barometer reinforces the increased stakeholder expectations for businesses to act. As a result, leadership is transforming beyond profit gains and quick wins. Leaders are now in the driving seat and must grab the wheel to veer away from decisions that could worsen the climate crisis, and other pressing global issues. This is where the B Corp movement comes in. It is one of the most globally recognised forces of positive change, a nonprofit network that invites companies to join an economic and social transformation. B Corp recognises that in order to create a better world, we need better business.

That’s why we at Fox + Hare are beyond excited to finally become a certified B Corp member, embarking on this journey from the launch of our company back in 2019. We see this as a crucial step to further help our business, and the businesses we support, to amplify positive impact. Here’s how. 

1. Walking the talk.

B Corp’s Impact Assessment includes a high bar of holistic evaluation every few years across the whole business, assessing the governance, workers, community, environment and customer impact. Undergoing this process helped us to be fully honest with ourselves, celebrate our wins, and identify where we can do better. At Fox + Hare, we are constantly asking ourselves how we as a business can ‘walk the talk’ - from consciously selecting the projects we work on and donating our time and skills to our charity clients, to taking care of our people’s wellbeing through our social committee and ensuring 100% renewable electricity and proper recycling facilities in our offices. Our fantastic team is never satisfied with the status quo and we are constantly trying to push the boundaries of sustainable endeavours. We are now in the process of further developing our ethical and D&I policies and undergoing the Ecovadis assessment.

2. Transforming businesses and the Planet.

The B Corp’s ‘Theory of Change’ call for systemic transformation inspires us. We passionately believe in the potency of an improved economic system that supports a more equal, inclusive, and regenerative future. To join the movement of change, we as a consultancy try to live up to our purpose of redefining sustainability as a joyful everyday practice. We do this by formulating better sustainability strategies and action plans for our clients, helping to facilitate purpose-driven cultural change. Once these strategies are in place, we’re better able to nurture a conscious and ethical consumer-base through our impactful storytelling.

3. In it together.

These transformative shifts can only happen if we all join forces. Attentively listening to diverse opinions, brainstorming ideas together, learning from others and collaborating in unexpected ways - this is what helps to co-create value. Being welcomed as part of the B Hive community that comes with the B Corp membership will allow us to connect, share knowledge and offer and receive discounts from fellow B Corporations. This framework enables us to collaborate with other businesses in the effort to build a ‘better-for-all’ economy where we can support one another in achieving our sustainability goals. Businesses can only operate in relationship to one another, after all.

The state of the world today calls for action, and we believe every step towards progress matters. The fact that we are currently working with multiple clients that have taken a proactive step to work with us in the first place is hope in itself. It shows there is an appetite for positive change. Conversations are always evolving, and we are trying to help businesses ask themselves different questions. Instead of ‘how can we minimise the environmental (or social) damage we cause as a business?’, they can instead ask themselves ‘how can our business have a positive impact on the world?’ Our certification as a B Corp better positions us as a strategic, sustainable business partner who can posit this type of question. This is just the first step of many that we will take to demonstrate our absolute commitment to sustainability in all its guises, and to supporting the ‘positive-impact’ revolution that we hope is only just beginning.