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Circularity + Collaboration: Better Products

Circularity + Collaboration: Better Products

Read Part 3 in our Transformative Purpose series: Purpose X Product report.

As you may have noted in our article Five Reasons to be Optimistic Following COP26, we’re starting to see serious positive action from brands. More and more, it’s manifesting in the form of designing more socially- and environmentally-responsible products. This in turn enables consumers to more easily make better choices.

Our previous report, part two in the series, Purpose X People, showed the value of harnessing the power of your stakeholders – colleagues, community or consumers – in bringing purpose to life. This report focuses on how brands can design solutions with purpose, ensuring that the products or services are not only aligned with customer values, are accessible for everyone, and help customers make sustainable choices available every day. And importantly, also contribute to that ever-necessary P in the triple bottom line – profit.

We look at three ways we can build products that align with a purpose:

1. Producing positively

By adopting circular and regenerative practices, companies can not only avoid a negative impact, but even improve natural resources and transform waste into value. For example, by rediscovering indigenous methods and ingredients together with farmers, using the past to inspire future innovation.

2. Cultivating inclusivity and accessibility

Businesses that ask themselves whether their offerings could be more inclusive result in added value for the brand and the consumer. Consulting with customers and employees can foster solutions that are inclusive and accessible to everyone.

3. Encouraging responsible consumption

By considering product use or end-of-life outcomes, brands can help consumers more easily transition to more sustainable lifestyles. For example, helping your customers take care of the product’s afterlife can enhance a brand’s reputation through visible responsibility.

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